June 8, 2016

David Jones

David began "going green" early. He helped pioneer the Stream Team at Reeds Spring High School and was a founding member of the Environmental Club. He has brought this attitude to his current career. David has been in the construction and building industry for 15 years. He learned his craft with hands-on experience. He has been involved in a range of projects from the building of swimming pools to waste water treatment plants, homes to commercial structures. David also spent four years working with large and small geothermal HVAC systems as well as large and small conventional HVAC, including a universal EPA license. He has spent the last two years working on several residential and commercial projects. This involved supervision of several new homes and a large-scale commercial remodel. David began incorporating more and more energy efficient and green components into his projects over the last seven years. During this time he has seen the evolution of thinking allowing clients to incorporate as little or as much green products as they desire.

Korina Branson

Korina has always been interested in environment issues. Her career experience has been diverse bringing a unique view to environmental problems. While attending college, she worked as a painter where she gained experience dealing with hazardous materials and OSHA regulations. After obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Environment, Ecology and Evolution Biology focusing in Marine Ecology, she returned to the Springfield area taking a position with Bass Pro Shops as the Live Exhibits supervisor. This reinforced her belief that humans have a responsibility to act as stewards for the environment. From there, she moved into a career in sales and marketing. During this time, she worked as an independent contractor marketing various products including energy efficient windows. This allowed her to see that small changes made a significant difference. She focuses on finding products and services for clients that offer valid environmental benefit, not just jumping on the green bandwagon.

Technology is in a constant state of change. This applies to green building and living. Embracing this change is a great opportunity to save money and the planet. But where do you turn? Through all the hype, you wonder how to incorporate green into your life, home, and business? What the best and correct information is? GreenStick is the ANSWER. Whether your concern is health, money or the environment, we use our experience and research to find the best solution for your project AND your budget.

With fossil fuels being in short and uncertain supplies and global warming being an ever present global concern, time has come when we must all make adjustments in the way we live and think. We need to see energy as money. No one likes to waste money, but we tend to be a little more cavalier about wasting energy. As energy costs rise, we are seeing the importance of energy conservation, thereby saving money. We at GreenStick believe that green living and building is the answer. By embracing the need for change and evolving technology, we can address our concerns for saving the planet and save money in the process.

Many builders can see the end of old practices and it scares them. Would you go to a doctor if (s)he still used medical information of the 1950's? Then why use a builder that has not updated their methods since then. There are new ways of building and products to make your project healthy, energy efficient and sustainable. There is a lot of information about "going green" out there, but the tough part is finding a simplified source. GreenStick pulls all of this information together, making it easy to apply to real life. GreenStick can partner with you or your builder to make wise choices for your project.

At GreenStick, we believe that every green choice, big or small, is making a difference in the right direction. From sealing leaks to energy reduction systems to solar energy systems, we offer the services and products that can help make those choices easy and within your budget. So contact us TODAY and let us help you get started living green.