June 8, 2016

05/27/12 Energy Audit Makes Home More Efficient
GreenStick is featured in today's Real Estate Section of the News-Leader

The article by Jan Peterson and photographer Jess Heugel details how homeowners can benefit from an energy audit. This gives a great example of what a blower door looks like and how we use it to save homeowners money and increase comfort. We have found that we can save homeowners an average of 15-20% on their utility bills by implementing recommended energy efficient improvements. Call GreenStick if you have any questions about your energy cost concerns and how to improve them. We are here to help and save you money!
01/21/12 Save Money This Winter
Think remodeling is only for warm weather? Not so. Winter is a great time for indoor remodeling projects...painting, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, etc.

Winter is when the utility bills start hurting the pocket book. Let us help you find and solve energy efficiency problems. We can help you take advantage of federal and state tax incentives. Making energy efficient improvements gives you the fastest return on your investment. GreenStick is a Missouri-certified Energy Auditor. A Home Energy Audit helps pinpoint areas of energy loss.

Call GreenStick to schedule a free consultation and estimate.
12/29/11 Home Energy Audits and Improvements Tax Deductible
The State of Missouri offers tax deductions for the costs to perform home energy audits and recommended improvements by certified Home Energy Audits. Korina Branson of GreenStick is a certified Home Energy Auditor through the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Home Energy Auditor program.

If you are interested in learning about the program and how GreenStick can lower your energy costs and put money back in your pocket, contact us today.
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10/08/09 Do you know where your furnace filter is?
It is one of those things that is easily forgotten. Your furnace filter just does its job, right? But if not changed regularly, it can cause big problems, including increased energy costs and even cause damage to your HVAC unit. You should typically change it every 90 days. We recommend monthly, especially if you have pets or allergy problems. With cooler weather hitting us, now is not the time to find out your furnace is not working properly. Call GreenStick today to schedule an appointment for low-cost preventative maintenance. Don't wait until it is an emergency. We can give you the peace of mind when the cold is blowing outside. Call today!
07/16/09 GreenStick supports the Ozarks Green Building Coalition
GreenStick is proud to sponsor the efforts of the Ozarks Green Building Coalition (OGBC). Their mission "is to promote green building by increasing public and professional knowledge and awareness of the benefits of green building." This gives homeowners and buyers an outlet to research and find green business professionals to help make sustainable, healthy and green choices for their homes. Wise choices make for energy and money savings in the long run. If you have any questions about green building or remodeling, go to the one that knows, GreenStick. Call TODAY!.

01/25/10 GreenStick featured in Springfield Business Journal's "Business Spotlight"

The Springfield Business Journal chose GreenStick to be featured in their weekly publication in the "Business Spotlight." This is a great opportunity to not only get the word out about what GreenStick is doing to help homeowners be more responsible, but also to showcase the spread of the environmentally-friendly thinking throughout the Ozarks.

David Jones, owner, says, "I have been building like this for years. It is great to see a new awareness spreading in southwest Missouri." He stresses that green building encompasses a "whole house" approach to building and remodeling projects.

"There are three different types of green improvements; energy efficient, healthy, and sustainable. You can chose one or all to incorporate into your home, whatever fits your budget or needs," states Korina Branson, owner. For example, allergy sufferers may be more concerned about the type of flooring and paint that goes on the wall, ultimately leading to a healthier home. While, the majority of homeowners are concerned about energy costs. Small changes can make big improvements on the home's energy efficiency.

Please check out the article in the Springfield Business Journal's Jan. 26th edition. The article will also be posted on their website. Call GreenStick if you have any questions about green building or remodeling. We are here provide you with information and save money on your next project!

10/10/09 GreenStick in the Springfield Business Journal
GreenStick is proud to be one of the green building experts the Springfield Business Journal called upon for their article about residential remodeling in the Oct 12-18, 2009 issue. The article written by Tanja Kern focuses on the "green movement" and its influence in home remodeling. Quotes from Korina include, "There is a movement toward remodeling what you have, which is pretty green in and of itself," and "We can decrease your overall cost by reusing, repurposing and recycling the materials you would otherwise haul off." This is a great article about the resources available in the Springfield and Branson areas for home and business owners interested in bringing green and energy efficiency to their next project. Call GreenStick if you have any questions about your remodeling or building needs. We are here to help and save you money!
07/01/09 Home Depot recycles compact fluorescent lights (CFL's)
Using CFL's is a great step toward conserving energy. But did you know that CFL's need to be disposed of properly due to a minute amount of mercury inside the bulb? Well, Home Depot has made it easy to dispose of and recycle your CFL's. Look for the orange boxes marked for disposal. Another easy and simple way to help the environment. For more information visit the Home Depot Eco-options page. If you have questions about how to incorporate more energy savings into your home or business, contact us today.
10/11/08 GreenStick sponsors Living and Building Green Show in St. Louis
St. Louis Community College-Forest Park hosted the Living and Building Green Show with Ed Begley, Jr. GreenStick sponsored a showcase of businesses that offer green products and services. Ed Begley, Jr. endorses GreenSwitch, which GreenStick demonstrated at the show. Ed Begley feels GreenSwitch is a easy and effective way for homes and businesses to save a significant amount of money on energy costs.