June 8, 2016

Technology is in a constant state of change. This applies to green building and living. Embracing this change is a great opportunity to save money and the planet. But where do you turn? Through all the hype, you wonder how to incorporate green into your life, home, and business? What the best and correct information is? GreenStick is the ANSWER. Whether your concern is health, money or the environment, we use our experience and research to find the best solution for your project AND your budget. learn more..

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GreenStick provides a full range of consultation services to help plan small or big sustainable changes for your project. GreenStick can then put these changes into action whether it is new construction or remodels. From changing out a toilet to installing a solar energy system, GreenStick helps you doing it all. Contact GreenStick today to see how we can help you with our services and products.

Sustainable changes don't have to break the bank. GreenStick can show you how "going green" can cost the same or less than conventional building practices. Green products also provide a return on your investment, offsetting the initial cost.

We all must change our way of thinking to help make improvements for the globe. Even small changes in your home or office can have long reaching environmental benefits. GreenStick helps you make these changes from start to finish.

GreenStick provides services and products that show immediate savings. The simple to install GreenSwitch can save you 25-45% on your energy bill. An HVAC check-up can realize 20% savings in heating and cooling costs. GreenStick makes your changes pay you back.